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Headhunting is one of the most effective methods for sourcing & getting candidates for top positions, who might not necessarily look for a job change.

Types of Head Hunting

Direct -It is a method of calling the candidates directly, either by calling on his/her number, or else meeting them at their homes or at their office. This is done after entire research has been done upon that person, and the role he is being hired for.

Indirect -Leaving a reference for the person to be headhunted, so that he may contact, in case he is willing. This is indirect because the person would contact on his/her own if they find the job profile fit for one's career.

Third Party -This is where the Executive search firms come in. The process of headhunting is outsourced to a company which specializes in finding right candidates for required job roles.

Steps in Head Hunting

1. Understanding the client's needs in what they want exactly in terms of experience, skills and qualifications along with job description.
2. Then the next step is to find relevant candidates working in similar roles and profiles who might be willing to move or switch.
3. Once there is a pool of candidates, screening and shortlisting process is done to make sure only right candidates are selected for next rounds with the company.
4. Selection processes like interviews and discussions are completed along with formalities
5. Joining of the candidate
6. Follow up to make sure that the candidate was actually the right fit and the process worked fine.

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